• It is Boulder Season.
  • Participants must be 18+
  • Teams must consist of four (4) members.
  • Each team will establish a team name.
  • Team names must be appropriate and original.
  • At Least 12 new problems will be set each week.
  • Honor system applies. Any team suspected of cheating will be disqualified.
  • The first scores will not be released until the end of Week 2. Each week’s scores thereafter will be posted every Monday. The final week’s scores will not be posted but will be announced at the league after party along with the final league standings.
  • League success is based on progress throughout the league, not how strong you are. The harder you try and the more you improve, the better your score will be!
  • Each team’s lowest scoring week will be dropped from their score.
  • Teams may only compete one time each week
  • Only newly set problems will count for point value.
  • All new problems will receive gradeless “Adult League” tags when set. New problems will be labeled “A” through “Z” and will remain available for league points.
  • Participants will not know the grade of new Adult League problems.
  • At least 3 team members must be present to check out a scorecard from the front desk.
  • Once a scorecard has been checked out, additional team members may not show up to compete with the team.
  • Scorecards must be returned at the end of the team’s session.
  • Climbers and teams must show excellent etiquette while climbing in the gym allowing for other members, guests, and teams turns on problems.
  • The scores from the first 1-2 weeks of competition will be used to determine each climber’s handicap.
  • Handicaps will be used for scoring purposes and allows league members to compete against one another regardless of climbing ability.
  • Climbers will not know their handicap.
  • Climb Nashville reserves the right to adjust climbers’ handicaps as necessary once the season has started.
  • Sandbagging or cheating of this system will result in the disqualification of the accused member’s team.
  • A team is more successful pending their improvement throughout the league, instead of how hard they climb.
  • Each team’s lowest scoring week will be dropped from their score.
  • Week 1 | Chalk | 20% Off
  • Week 2 | Brushes | 20% Off
  • Week 3 | Skin Files + ClimbSkin Cream | 20% Off
  • Week 4 | Chalk Bags | 20% Off
  • Week 5 | Chalk Pots | 20% Off
  • Week 6 | Shoes | 20% Off
Discounts do not stack and can not be combined with other promotions or coupons.
  • Registration Deadline | Sunday, September 22nd
  • Pre-League Meeting (at least one person from each team must attend) | September 23rd at 7:00pm
  • League Dates | October 1st - November 13th
  • After Party | Thursday, November 14th | Location TBD